MAP Engineering's Principals have accumulated a wide range of clients from single family residential homeowners to larger corporate business developers that focus within NJ. With this variety of clientele we have experience in a long list of services that can be applied towards your project's needs and objectives.

Specializing in Septic Systems

Over the past dozen years, MAP Engineering has been responsible for the design of more than 500 septic systems in the ground throughout New Jersey. We work directly with homeowners to find a cost effective solution that will meet their needs and satisfy the regulatory requirements without breaking their budget.

Residential & Commercial Site Plans

From minor home additions or swimming pools to large office buildings, we provide the engineering services to obtain the necessary approvals for your project. Our office will coordinate with your contractor throughout the construction process to ensure that the job is done right and up to your expectations.

Retaining Wall Structural Design

Almost all municipalities will require structural design of any retaining wall in excess of 4' in height. This is important for your safety and protection as well as for providing to your contractor for bid purposes.  We also oversee construction making critical inspections and at the end of the job provide a certification to you and the town that the wall was built properly.

NJDEP Permitting

The State of New Jersey has an exhaustive list of environmental requirements.  These include but are not limited to: Freshwater Wetlands, Flood Hazard Areas & Riparian Buffers.  These regulations can have a significant impact on the potential development of a property.  It is important that you have an engineer who is thoroughly familiar with them to provide you with guidance on your project. Our team of experts can provide you with this service.

NJ Highlands Approvals

In 2004, the State of New Jersey passed the Highlands Regulations.  These regulations affect over 400,000 acres and are the most significant piece of environmental regulation in decades.  Their impact can be felt on every piece of property within the designated Core Preservation Area.  MAP Engineering has obtained dozens of permits and exemptions. We also received the only Highlands Taking Waiver ever issued in the state.

Stormwater Drainage Design

With the increasing development throughout the state, the impact of stormwater runoff has become an issue on virtually every project.  This is important to ensure that not only there will not be a drainage problem on your property but that you do not contribute to a problem on another property.  Our office can prepare the necessary design calculations and specifications for everything from a simple seepage pit to a complex stormwater detention/recharge pond.